Optimization of Websites

The NaujoksConsult network offers assistance as a full-service provider in the field of “Optimization of Websites”. This represents the entire spectrum from initial advice regarding conception of a success strategy to performance of necessary technical programming work and compelling and goal-oriented marketing measures. Included herein is high quality content as well as natural links.

Development of Formats for the Television Market

The NaujoksConsult network offers:

  • conception and production of formats for the German television market
  • provision of advice with the search for sponsors for TV formats.

Access to Responsible Persons in Print, TV and Online Media in Germany

NaujoksConsult presents a comprehensive offering in the media sector:

  • faster and more efficient access to responsible persons in print, TV and online media in Germany
  • access to a large network of decision-makers in politics, economy, society and culture
  • professional advice and support with company communications strategies